“Diploma Program on Customs, Bond, VAT & Income Tax Management in Bangladesh” (with special emphasis on practical jobs oriented in Customs, Bond, VAT and Income Tax sectors)

Bangladesh Tax Training Institute (BTTI) Is The Leading Representative And Professional Education Body For Business Community. It Is The Only And First Recognized Organization Of Its Kind In Bangladesh.

The Institute aims at achieving a win – win situation for us and our trade where employers and / or their employees as well as other stakeholders will be equipped with knowledge and skills of taxes to order to ensure what to do them.

Bangladesh tax Training Institute (BTTI) will make ready it’s trainees to work for the future e-commerce environment and in order to do that it will focus not only the VAT(Value Added Tax), Custom and Income Tax Laws but also look on IT, Ethics, Leadership, good manners & Relevant Laws affecting to work in highly litigious global business environment. It has also a great aim of setting a standard quality research Centre who’s environment allows to the young learners to involve in policy research on fiscal laws of Bangladesh.